About us

When it comes to finances, every parent wants to enhance their kids’ knowledge economically to ensure and empower them to make right choices. Imagine your kids making right financial choices so that they grow stronger than the previous generation, your generation. Imagine your kids becoming empowered economically just as your parents wanted for you. For more than a decade, Kash Kids has empowered your kids by enhancing their economic knowledge. We teach kids to master money skills early so they can have a struggle free life through workshops, money camps, online classes, virtual sessions, book fairs, book clubs, events, and adult/child engagement ideas. Imagine your kids, stronger, smarter and empowered economically to make all the right financial moves, all the right financial choices.


Funds Raised

Our trusted donor organizations who support us

United Way of Northeast Florida
Full Service Schools
City of Jacksonville
Fidelity Investments
Krispy Kreme
Chic fil A
Vystar Credit Union
Ivey League Auto Sales
The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida